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Pre-Medical Undergrad

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About Me

I’m currently an undergraduate student at Rutgers State University majoring in Exercise Science and minoring in Business Administration on the pre med track. I knew medicine is the field for me when I joined a volunteer rescue squad in my community when I was 16, with the intention of solely doing it for fun. However, it turned out to be something I’m passionate about as well as something I enjoy. Then I also got involved into Scribing at a local hospital, which allowed my passion for Emergency Medicine to grow immensely. I don’t have a preference over DO or MD, however I’m particularly interested in the approach on patient care as DOs.

Favorite Quote

Trust the process!

Special Interests and Hobbies

Playing basketball, volleyball, going hiking, spending quality time with my family/friends.

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EMT certified

CPR certified




My Goals

My Goals for This Year

My goals for this year is to do well in my classes as well as slowly starting to prepare for the MCATs as I plan to take them over this upcoming summer. Not only that, my goal is to join more clubs that interests me.

My 5 Year Goals

I see myself in medical school working towards graduating and getting into an Emergency Medicine Residency.

My 10 Year Goals

I see myself working as a Emergency Medicine Doctor.


Undergraduate School

Rutgers State University

Major 1

Exercise Science

Minor 1

Business Administration

Leadership and Club Activities

Young Muslims – Sub Regional Team as well as Local Board Member

Muslim Student Association – Member

PCRF – Member


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Research Experience / Publications

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